Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Countdown to Amicalola: Three Weeks to Go

OK, this is not along the Appalachian Trail. It's a picture of Yosemite Valley from the Tunnel Overlook, arguably the most famous overlook in the National Park system. Why'd I use this picture? Because I've sort of run out of unique pictures from the Appalachian Trail, and I like this picture.

Date: March 4, 2015
Current Week: 03/04/15 - 03/10/15
Days until Amicalola: 21
Pounds to next weight goal: 3.6 (0.0)
Total lost Last Week: 3.2
Total Lost Entire Period: 12.6
Weight Goals Met: 0
Minutes Exercised, Yesterday: 15
Minutes Exercised, Last Week: 165
Minutes Exercised, Week: 0
Miles Hiked, Yesterday: 0.00
Miles Hiked, 2015: 3.76

So in anticipating the final result of last week, I overlooked a third possibility that I could stay at the same weight from the day before. Naturally that's what happened, leaving me at 3-3-1 for the week. Of course, I still ended up down for the week, thanks in large part to the one-two punch of a good Saturday and Monday.

Three weeks from today we'll say our goodbyes to our family and start the hike up to Springer Mountain (where the real hike begins). It's still hard to believe its this close, particularly considering how it doesn't feel like March outside. I'm not going to lie and say that I've made as much progress during the last couple months with this daily plan, but it has been on the whole a success. Most importantly it stopped a backwards trend I noticed over the holidays. Had I kept going in that direction, I'd be in a much worse state than I am now. Instead I've pretty much wiped out the backwards slide, and have gotten noticeably faster while walking. I've also not had so tough of a time in the few hikes I've done, although I'm far from the shape I'll be after a few weeks going up and down the Blue Ridge with my pack on my back.

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