Saturday, February 7, 2015

Countdown to Amicalola: Springer Saturday #5

The view from atop Springer Mountain. This is taken in front of the first blaze and plaque. 

Date: February 7, 2015
Current Week: 02/04/15 - 02/10/15
Days until Amicalola: 46
Pounds to next weight goal: 5.4 (+1.8)
Total Gain Last Week: 0.6
Weight Goals Met: 0
Minutes Exercised, Yesterday: 15
Minutes Exercised, Last Week: 202
Minutes Exercised, Week: 55
Miles Hiked, Yesterday: 0
Miles Hiked, Week: 0
Miles Hiked, 2015: 2.66

So I kind of took Friday off, and while it wasn't the best result, it was still better than last week. The increase this week was less than 50% of the one the previous week. While not necessarily a good result, it was an expected result, considering I knowingly had a snack and some drinks after the 8:00 cutoff point. Keeping to that schedule during the work week is one thing, but doing it on the weekend is a different issue entirely.

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