Friday, January 23, 2015

Countdown to Amicalola: Microspikes and the Mystery Box

One of the namesake rocks from Elephant Rocks state park. The place got its name from the rocks looking like a train of elephants walking single file.

Date: January 23, 2015
Current Week: 01/21/15 - 01/27/15
Days until Amicalola: 61
Pounds to next weight goal: 9.8 (0.0)
Total Loss Last Week: 0.8
Weight Goals Met: 0
Minutes Exercised, Yesterday: 20
Minutes Exercised, Last Week: 179
Minutes Exercised, Week: 50
Miles Hiked, Yesterday: 0
Miles Hiked, Week: 1.5
Miles Hiked, 2015: 1.5

So another day standing still, which means one day less to make progress. The simple fact is I need to increase my exercise and eat better. I'm making it a goal to clean out my refrigerator this weekend, which will help encourage me to restock it with things that will help me in this effort.

In other hiking related news, I picked up two packages from my apartment's office that had been dropped off recently. The first was the Katoohla Microspikes I ordered. While I won't need these for the entire hike, these should be helpful in getting me through the Smokies and the high peaks on either side of them, in which we may encounter snow and ice on our hike. I'm hoping to try them out sometime soon, and will be sure to write about them when I do.

The other package I received was my first monthly box from Cairn. This actually was my second box from them, as my sister gave one to me for Christmas. Each month they send you a box full of small things that may be useful during your hike. In some cases these are little things, like gear hooks, small storage pouches, and water resistant playing cards (with outdoors safety tips organized by suit!) Other things they'll put in there are things like lip balm and snack bars. While these obviously won't sustain you for too long, they are good samples of things to try that you might want to purchase in a greater quantity. I just ate a "paleo" snack bar consisting primarily of cashews, almonds, honey, and coconut that was pretty tasty. Although this won't be anywhere close to a solution to keep me supplied on the hike, it's still a nice thing to have that is worth the $25/month fee.

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