Tuesday, August 12, 2014

AT's AT Hiking Training Plan, Weeks Seventeen, Eighteen, and Nineteen

Weeks: July 21 - August 10 (21 Days)
Miles Hiked (Total Period): 21.25
Miles Hiked (July): 37.35
Miles Hiked, (July Goal): 40
Miles Hiked (Yearly Total): 134.55
Pounds Lost: 3.2
Percentage to Next Milestone: 86.79%
Pounds Lost (Total):  9.2
Weekly Goal Met: Yes
Nights Camped (Weeks): 0
Nights Camped (Total): 5
Nights Camped (Backpacking): 0

I've got a new scale, so the training plan recaps are worth posting again. As you can see, the past three weeks were mostly a success. No, I didn't get to 40, but for the second consecutive month I set a personal monthly record, this time with over 37 miles in July. Although August has been a little light so far, I did hit 7.4 miles on one hike this past Sunday, which is one step closer to the elusive eight miles in one hike. And on top of all that, I am down 3.2 pounds.

Over the past three weeks I have been experimenting with a weekday diet without red meat, and only a limited amount of meals with chicken. This has been a bit limiting, considering I've also had to resort to fast food for most of my lunches the past few weeks. McDonald's is the only of the big fast food companies near where I work (not counting sub shops) to sell a fish sandwich year round, so finding solutions for this has been challenging. It has helped with my eating at casual restaurants. I noticed I don't feel quite as lethargic after eating a heavy lunch when its seafood, as opposed to beef or even chicken. This probably also has something to do with my limiting of potatoes as well, as cutting down on fries and chips has helped.

I've also done better recording my meals, which has led to me taking in fewer calories. I still have plenty of room for improvement, such as eating more vegetables, actually hitting my calorie (and secondary sodium, sugar, and fat) goals, and getting regular non-hiking exercise. However, I am confident I am on the right track.

August is going to be a challenging month for me to hit my still ambitious 40 mile goal. Although I have three weekends left to get ~30 miles, at least one weekend will likely have little to no hiking. I'm planning for the last weekend of the month to be a big hiking weekend, but I'll still need to get out and hike other times. Perhaps I'll end up having to do a couple after work hikes to hit my goal.

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