Friday, March 14, 2014


Sorry for the caps lock, dear and loyal readers. I just have extremely exciting news is all! As you may have noticed using context clues from the post title, I am the proud owner of a brand new camera. A Nikon D3200, a pretty standard entry level DSLR to be exact. And I. Am. In. Love. I've spent two days in the past week at the zoo trying out different modes (eventually sticking with auto-mode but still landing some pretty spectacular shots). I do wish there would be one last winter storm come through so I could get cardinals and otters in the snow, but I think just about everyone in the Midwest would come after me if I tried to appease Jack Frost. I can't blame them; it's time for Spring and soon it'll be prime time to head over the Missouri Botanical Garden and check out the budding flora.

I've had delusions of grandeur when it comes to photography for quite some time; however, my experience has been severely limited to point-and-shoot cameras. I know nothing of setting exposure, what aperture does (or really is), etc. etc. I am willing to learn though, even though my attempts at self-teaching have been futile. I've gotten into talks with a friend of mine who is a fabulous photographer and editor and he has offered to take me on helping him with his photography - so soon I'll be on my way to figuring out this kajigger.

Be on the look-out for many nature-themed posts this spring and summer, accompanied with pictures of course, as I document my hiking adventures or wildlife anecdotes. Thanks for sticking around and please cheer me on as I learn the art of not taking a crappy picture.

Look it's a bird! I took a picture of a bird and it's a good picture! A good picture of a good bird!
I'm spending my birthday weekend in the Smokies (nothing says "I'm turning 27!" like running Cade's Cove loop, I guess), so my first substantial post will probably be a recap of that adventure. Andrew and I have a lot of cool things to share this spring, so be on the look-out and if you like what you read, please spread the word!

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