Monday, September 30, 2013

Hiking Training Plan: Week #15 Recap

Week: September 24 - 29 (6 Days)
Miles Hiked (Week): 6.49
Miles Hiked (September): 30.49
Miles Hiked, (September Goal): 20
Miles Hiked (Yearly Total): 70.93
Pounds Lost (Week): 5.8
Pounds Lost (Total):  22.0
Nights Camped (Week): 3
Nights Camped (Total): 7
Nights Camped (Backpacking): 0

After two weeks that weren't so great (at least as far as the weight loss portion of the plan goes), this past week effectively cancelled them out, as I am back to where I was on September 9. Now that I have negated those two weeks, I think I can move on and start a winning streak.

The biggest reason this was a successful week was almost certainly that 6.49 miles of hiking. That hike, which I did with my brother, my cousin, and five friends from high school, wasn't necessarily hard, but it was by far the fastest pace I've hiked, with only one real break. Those 6.49 miles is the farthest I've hiked in one session since I did the Lake Mingo trail last year. It was a beautiful day for a hike, part of what was mostly a great camping weekend. At least until the rain came Saturday evening*.

Beyond that, I'm a little surprised at how well I did. I did mostly OK during the week before the camping trip, and I suppose I didn't overdo it on food and beverages outside of a few meals. Also, I crashed pretty early on Sunday evening, thus skipping out on dinner and only having one real meal. In addition, I'm pretty convinced that my weight last Tuesday was an anomaly.

This week begins a new month, and a new commitment. In addition to keeping up my monthly hiking goals (which jumps to a ambitious 30 miles this month), I'm also going to add weight goals. These won't always be the same amount, as I will adjust up or down depending for circumstances. For example, if it is a week where I plan on hiking both Saturday and Sunday, I might adjust it up to 4 pounds. On the other hand, for Thanksgiving week, I might be content breaking even. Most weeks it will be about 2 pounds.

*Stay tuned for a subsequent post about the camping trip, as well as a "Hiking the Lists" entry for part of the hike we did on Saturday.

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