Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Hiking Training Plan: Week 9 Recap

Week: August 13 - August 18 (6 days)
Miles Hiked (Week): 0
Miles Hiked (Month): 8.25
Miles Hiked, (Month Goal): 15
Miles Hiked (Yearly Total): 33.30
Pounds Gained (Week): 2.4
Pounds Lost (Total): 17.8
Nights Camped (Week): 1
Nights Camped (Total): 3
Nights Camped (Backpacking): 0

As expected, this week was my first week in a while that things went the other way. Eh, what can I say, it was a birthday weekend, and hiking and healthy living were not part of the plan. Instead, it was a weekend of beer, cheese, and driving through the glacial features of Central and Southern Wisconsin. Along the way we crossed several trails, most of which appeared to be trails for hikers, walkers, joggers, and bikers. At least one brewery (Central Waters in Amherst) was just a short distance off of one of the trails, which would make for an interesting day of bicycling and beer.

And so, this week it's back to business. I'm going camping up in Wisconsin this weekend, the first time I'll be doing it two days straight.. Well, assuming the first night goes OK. I have three weekend days left to go to get that 6.75 miles, and I hope to at least get 4 of those this weekend. Hopefully I'll have more good news next week. After all, it isn't the weekend gone astray that kills the plan, it's failing to get back on track.

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