Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Hiking Training Plan: Week 6 Recap

Week: July 15 - July 21
Miles Hiked (Week): 8.02
Miles Hiked (Month): 17.51
Miles Hiked, (Month Goal): 10
Miles Hiked (Yearly Total): 25.05
Pounds Lost (Week): 5.2
Pounds Lost (Total): 15.4

Week 6 was a good week. I hit my monthly hiking goal, lost weight, and save for dinner on Friday and Sunday did pretty good overall. I hope to have more weeks like this one than the previous week.

The biggest part of that hiking was done on Saturday. I walked at two different places in Wisconsin, the loop around the John Muir Memorial State Natural Area and three loops of varying sizes at Horicon NWR*. Neither were too bad as far as terrain or footing goes, and it was a perfect day for hiking. I capped off the weekend with an easy 1.5 mile walk to and from the Fox River at Chain-O-Lakes State Park in northern Illinois.

Because of my hiking, and because of an overall moderation of food, I actually lost a small amount of weight over the weekend. Hopefully I will be able to make it two weeks in a row. This will be the last weekend in a while I won't be going somewhere or doing something, so I need to be careful that I don't wreck it with junk food and sitting still. There are plenty of places close to Schaumburg I can go to hike, so I'm not too worried.

*Both will be featured in their own posts as part of Wetlands Week.


  1. yaaay! great progress, Andrew! Seriously, that is just fantastic. I am so proud of you (well, for many reasons). Keep up the good work!