Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Journey: Hmm....

Dates: July 19 to July 25

Weight Change (Period): +3.0 lbs

Weight Change (Total): -9.2 lbs

What can I say? This is definitely a reversal of fortune, after the last two weeks as seen decent progress. I can't point to any one reason why this happened, although I suppose I maybe ate more than I thought this past week.

The menu worked for about three days, before events popped up that kind of threw a wrench in my ability to plan meals. Had I been doing it for several weeks, I figure I would have had the discipline to adapt the plan. This was the first week, however, so it was far too easy to stray. We'll see how this week goes.

On the positive side I was able to stay away from chips. In fact, I barely missed them. Also, I walked a dirt trail with small hills and everything, a first since I fell a few weeks ago. The next day I followed that up by walking down and up seventy stairs at Turkey Run State Park in Indiana. It wasn't exactly Amicalola or anything, but it was a start. Weather should be nicer this weekend, so I'm thinking about trying to hike sometime either Saturday or Sunday.

As discouraging as that number is, it would have been wrong for me not to have shared it. All I can do is look at that and recommit myself to not repeating next week. I've done it before, I'm sure I can do it again.


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  1. Hang in there! You are making progress and doing great. I'm so proud of you, and believe me, I know about the ups and downs so I'm glad to see you not getting discouraged. I love you!